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This Month's News: July/August 2014

Staff of Grain Place Foods

Staff of Grain Place Foods

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Grain Place Foods: An organic oasis grows in Nebraska

Three generation family farm takes the long view to build fertile soils, biodiversity, and a successful business.    read the article...

Assured non-GMO status creates growing demand for sunflower oil, lecithin

Demand for sunflower products such as oil and lecithin is booming as food manufacturers and restaurants look for non-GMO alternatives to GMO-risk soybean and canola oil.    read the article...

Bee crisis gets renewed attention as evidence of pesticide harm mounts

Did the First Family notice a surprising lack of bees and butterflies going after the flowers in the White House garden? Did the recent meta-analysis of 800 studies confirming harm to bees from pesticides add to the buzz?   read the article...

Conclusive study finds big nutritional benefits for organic

A major new study from the United Kingdom finds conclusive evidence that organic crops, and the food made from them, are nutritionally superior to their conventional counterparts, corrects many of the shortcomings of earlier studies and should put to rest any doubts about the benefits of organic, said the lead scientist of The Organic Center in responding to the landmark study.    read the article...

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